CNC turning, CNC milling, and a wide range of additional services

CNC machining

Turning and milling on CNC machines, universal and tool machines.

CNC milling

frezowanie CNC

CNC turning

toczenie CNC

Machining and finishing

obróbka i wykonczenie

We perform machining on the variety of materials ferrous metals, non-ferrous metals and plastics.

Perfect machining -

why at EMILEX?

EMILEX has dozens of years of experience in metal machining. Our company offers the highest quality services in the field of machining (turning, milling, grinding) with the use of several types of numerically controlled CNC machine tools, machining on universal and tool machines.

1. Large production capacity in the field of machining (turning and milling on CNC machine tools)

EMILEX has over a dozen of CNC machine tools – universal and tool machines – which enable us to perform machining of any material (CNC turning and CNC milling). See EMILEX’s production capabilities.

2. Comprehensive operation thanks to a wide range of additional services:

Additional services we provide on our own:

• Conventional turning
• Welding of elements
• Polishing and grinding
• Threading
• Surface grinding
• Edge vibration processing (deburring)
• Chiseling

In cooperation with our partners, we offer:

• Anodizing, galvanizing, blackening
• Chiseling
• Laser cutting
• Hardening
• Cadmium plating
• Bending

3. Timeliness and short lead times:

High stocks of materials, professional staff, and modern machinery are a guarantee of smooth and timely execution of orders for machining.

4. Flexibility and quick decision making

Flat management structure of a family business enables us to make quick decisions – for example, on purchasing new machines necessary to meet new challenges.

5. Highest quality of manufactured elements

High quality is in EMILEX genotype. The quality system is based on the two pillars: ISO 9001 quality management system, and the quality control laboratory. Click here and learn about EMILEX’s machining quality system.

CNC machining and CNC turning

Highest precision

Using computer programs to control machine tools allows for the production of elements and subassemblies with the highest precision parameters. At EMILEX, we are able to achieve machining precision down to 5 μm.

CNC programmer

The abbreviation CNC stands for Computer Numerical Control. To be able to control machines with a computer, CAD and CAM designers must first program the production process that the machine is to perform. Meet our team.

Our plant and equipment

EMILEX offers CNC machining using lathes and milling machines.



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