We are a company that deals with the machining of various types of materials. We process only the highest quality raw materials so that you can enjoy professionally performed work. We do our best to satisfy our clients with the level of our services. You can be sure that your orders in the field of material processing will be carried out quickly and efficiently, with special attention placed on keeping the agreed deadlines.

Materials that we process

Material machining is our passion and we do our work with great commitment. We realize that the comprehensiveness of the services provided is essential. Therefore, we offer our clients the possibility of professional processing of various types of raw materials. They primarily include non-ferrous metals, such as aluminum, as well as stainless and acid-resistant steel, tool steels, carbon steel and structural alloy steel. In addition, we comprehensively process various types of composites and plastics.

Benefits of cooperation with our company

We have been operating on the Polish market for several years. During this time, we have established contacts with many contractors. We cooperate only with reliable suppliers, who provide us with carefully selected materials for processing. High quality of our products is confirmed by numerous certificates. These documents also certify that all applicable procedures are observed in the process of production and distribution of goods, including steel and bars.

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PPUH „EMILEX” Krzysztof Piątkowski

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