CNC machining of plastics

Plastics play a huge role in machining, often replacing metals and their alloys. They are exceptionally resistant to harmful effects of chemicals, they effectively dampen vibrations and are lightweight. They do not conduct electricity. On the other hand, they have low thermal conductivity, which translates into their shorter durability and thermal elongation. Processing of plastic and other CNC materials must be performed with a solid fixing of the processed material.

Obróbka CNC materiałów nieżelaznych

Plastics and milling of plastics

Machining of plastics must be performed using specialized milling machines, lathes and plotters. CNC milling of plastic and other artificial materials. We perform material removal machining on the client’s request, using specialized rotary tools, called cutters. These tools, in order to fulfill their tasks of composite milling, must be characterized by the appropriate level of sharpening and properly adjusted geometry. Such cutters relatively easily remove chips and heat generated during machining.

Best milling results

You can be certain that we do our best to ensure that the composite milling is quick, efficient and accurate. We usually use single-edge tools.

We make every effort to ensure that the elements are well fixed. We use high revolutions and medium feeds with a relatively small rake angle. We use face milling for turning flat surfaces. 



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