CNC machining of non-ferrous materials

In our company, we use various types of non-ferrous materials for machining. In general, they can be divided into three groups, i.e. aluminum, plastics, and wood and wood-like materials. It is good to know what the particular raw materials are used for and what their properties are. This way, you can determine which one is best suited for your needs.

Obróbka CNC materiałów nieżelaznych


It is advisable to use cooling systems for aluminum machining. This material is highly resistant to water and corrosion. It is also relatively easy to process. It can be used to make decorations, profiles and advertising plates, as well as various interior elements.


Plastics include materials such as polyethylene, polycarbonate, PE polyethylene, polyamide, plexiglass and dibond. PE polyethylene  is characterized by high level of resistance to moisture and mechanical damage, as well as low abrasion. Plexiglass, or acrylic glass, is thermoplastic, you can easily change its shape. It is suitable for contact with food.

Due to high level of resistance, polycarbonate  can be used as a construction material. Dibond, i.e. an aluminum three-layer composite panel, thanks to the variety of its colours, is perfect for creating advertising signs and glass structures.

Wood and its derivatives

Wood is characterized by good insulating properties. It is easy to process, which makes it a suitable material for the furniture industry, as well as for interior finishing. Plywood is resistant to bending, compression and stretching. It is made by joining several layers of wood sheets.



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