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Emilex is a family company with traditions, established in 1991. Since then, we have been constantly developing, but one thing never changes – we focus on quality, professionalism and partnership with our clients.

As a company with family traditions, we know very well what it means to work on your own account. All our products are carefully selected. We have been granted ISO 9001:2015 certificate, which guarantees the highest quality and reliability

The founder and owner of the company is Krzysztof Piątkowski – he is a well-known and respected local entrepreneur who offers work places to many people who live in this region. He is also an enthusiast and breeder of racing pigeons, with numerous successes in this field. He is a person who is passionate and committed to everything he does – both as a hobby and in his professional life. Everything in the pursuit of perfection.

Emilex offer

Our company offers services in the field of machining using several types of universal, tool and CNC machines. The scope of our activities:

Emilex - toczenie
Emilex - szlifowanie
Additional processes
Emilex - procesy dodatkowe

We specialize in the production of long series, and we offer our services to clients from Poland and abroad.We invite you to cooperate with us!



Contact us

PPUH „EMILEX” Krzysztof Piątkowski

Phone +48 23 69 12 922

  E-mail: biuro@emilex.com.pl

  Working hours:
         pon.-pt.: 8:00-16:00

Production plant
        05-190 Chrcynno 4