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We offer our clients professional CNC turning. This is a very complex service that requires extensive experience, advanced equipment, high qualifications and comprehensive knowledge of modern CNC machining technologies. The basic service in our offer is turning of stainless, acid-resistant, black, quality non-ferrous metals such as: aluminum, bronze, brass, copper, as well as all kinds of plastics.

Using our services, you can be sure of high precision of turning. We use advanced technical facilities, so that CNC turning that we perform meets the highest quality requirements and tolerances of manufactured elements. Our employees take care of every detail, which ensures the highest level of services for you.

What is CNC turning?

Advanced CNC turning is one of the basic techniques in the field of machining. Using appropriately selected, special lathe tools, redundant fragments of the material are cut off, its surfaces are planned and rolled to the expected diameters, thus creating the final product. In this complex and precise process, the lathe tool is stationary while the workpiece is held in a lathe chuck that rotates. It is possible to move the processing tool along the axis of the workpiece. In this way it is possible to change the diameter. It is also possible to move the tool perpendicular to the axis of rotation, which allows to change the length of the workpiece. Moving the tool in both directions simultaneously causes profile turning which makes it possible to create barrels and other forms of curvature.

Our offer includes the most important types of turning:

External CNC turning
Internal CNC turning
Parting and grooving

Professional CNC turning for everyone

If you are interested in precise CNC turning service, we encourage you to use our offer. Our staff places great emphasis on precision, while automated machine systems enable fast and efficient small-scale and large-scale production. Our staff have extensive knowledge of modern control systems in advanced turning centers. This enables us to make elements with shapes that cannot be achieved using standard solutions.

toczenie CNC


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