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Perfectly made parts and components resulting from CNC machining

We can achieve any precision in the machining process on CNC machines, down to 5 μm. We confirm the quality of processing by tests in our own laboratory.

CNC turning, CNC milling, and a wide range of additional services

CNC milling

We produce subassemblies and elements based on the CNC milling process. We manufacture advanced housings and precise elements made of steel, aluminum and other artificial materials.

frezowanie CNC

CNC turning

We offer a wide range of turning services, performed with the use of CNC lathes with materials such as: aluminum, quality steel, stainless steel, acid-resistant steel, plastics, non-ferrous metals.

toczenie CNC

Additional processes

• Conventional turning
• Welding of elements
• Polishing and grinding
• Threading
• Surface grinding
• Edge vibration processing (deburring)
• Chiseling

In cooperation, we offer:
• Anodizing, galvanizing, blackening, cadmium plating
• Chiseling
• Laser cutting
• Hardening
• Bending

What do you get from CNC machining at Emilex?

Durability of the final product

Durability is a feature that manifests itself in the long use of the product. We were wondering why the frequency of orders from some customers has been reduced. They told us that, EMILEX products last longer.

Highest precision of workmanship

The precision of machining is influenced by a number of factors, such as the design, the selection of machines and their programming, the selection of tools and raw materials, quality checks. Forget complaints. We make sure that they never happen.

Emilex obróbka skrawaniem

Economic solutions

We are flexible and we are able to adjust quality to the expected parameters. We will advise you on how to save money without sacrificing quality, especially in the production of small and medium batches. We optimize the process, batch size and material selection.

Individual approach

At Emilex, there are no job that are too big or too small. We can find an economic solution for each company. Using our services, you can count on the advice of our engineers who will suggest best solutions.

Guarantee of the highest quality in metal and plastic machining using CNC machines

Emilex, as a family business, has been operating continuously since 1991 and is an extension of 30 years of experience of the MERA ZEM factory.

Technology, machines and systems of control are changing. At Emilex, we consistently maintain the highest quality of details in the process of CNC machining of metals and plastics.

We are able to achieve the highest quality parameters thanks to:

  • continuous and sustainable development of our staff,
  • investing in modern CNC machines,
  • the best raw materials used in the production of subassemblies and elements.


Quality management system in CNC machining


We have a certified Quality Management System ISO 9001:2015. We conduct certification in reputable units.


We have our own laboratory for quality control.

Standard clean room

Our laboratory maintains the clean room standard. This standard necessary for measuring details with the highest precision

Our clients are our showcase

Emilex obróbka skrawaniem
Emilex obróbka skrawaniem

The development of Emilex is primarily done thanks to our regular customers who invariably emphasize that matching quality to their expectations is our strongest point.

We have been trusted by recognized brands all over Europe – by companies from the electronics, food and military industries, by global giants in the production of machines, devices and by producers of the „Internet of Things”.

Join them and enjoy the highest quality and precision of products made in machining technology with the use of CNC machines.

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