Additional processes in the field of metal machining

Procesy dodatkowe z zakresu obróbki metali
Our company provides specialized services in the field of metal machining with the use of modern technologies. As part of our comprehensive offer, we perform a number of additional processes. We have high-quality equipment, and our employees have extensive experience in programming and creating elements with the highest precision. We always pay attention to the smallest details!

Comprehensive offer of additional processes

If you are looking for specialists in the field of modern and extremely precise forms of metalworking and finishing – we are at your disposal. Our offer includes top-class services that meet stringent requirements. All additional processes are carried out with care, to ensure that the clients get exactly what they have ordered.

Additional processes that we offer

We offer a variety of services related to the finishing of our products. The services include:

  • Conventional turning
  • Welding of elements
  • Polishing and grinding,
  • Threading
  • Surface grinding
  • Edge vibration processing (deburring)
  • Chiseling

Our experienced team works with modern equipment, so that we are able to process all types of metals and realize even most complex orders. Automatic control of the processes guarantees precision of operation at the highest possible level.

Additional services in cooperation

We are not afraid of challenges. In cooperation with our partners, we also offer other additional processes, such as:

  • anodizing
  • galvanizing
  • Cadmium plating
  • blackening
  • Chiseling
  • Laser cutting
  • Hardening
  • Bending
Procesy dodatkowe


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