CNC machining of stainless steel

Stainless steel, due to its high level of corrosion resistance, is widely used in industry. Nowadays, the processing of this material is not a big problem. This is because the modern technological methods can be employed. When processing stainless steel, the chemical composition of a specific material must be taken into account. This is the main factor determining the success of the process.

Obróbka CNC stal nierdzewna

Professional tools for stainless steel processing

In our company, we have an advanced machinery and professional tools for stainless steel processing. Turning and milling is performed using carbide blades with a special surface coating. If you want to use the service of drilling and threading, we will execute your order using tools made of HSS-E high-speed steel with titanium coating. To ensure high quality and precision of processing, we regularly replace cutting tools.

Stainless steel for machining

We process different types of steel, which are classified according to the criterion of mechanical properties. We primarily work with austenitic steel, which is characterized by excellent ductility and can be easily enriched with various types of elements. Ferritic steel is also easy to process due to its plastic properties. However, austenitic-ferritic steel is the best choice because it combines the advantages of both types of steel. It is therefore easy to process.



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