CNC machining of aluminum

In recent years, aluminum processing has been gaining in popularity. This metal is used in various industries. This is due its properties, which include corrosion resistance, high strength and light weight. The fact that the material can be recycled is also important. In our company, at the customer’s request, we process the highest quality aluminum materials. We know what to do to provide the entire process with optimal conditions.

Obróbka CNC aluminium

How is aluminum milling done?

CNC machining of aluminum requires us to use relatively high rotational speeds and feeds. The appropriate tools must be used and properly installed in the machine used for machining of non-ferrous materials.

CNC milling of AW 5754, AW 2017A, AW6061 in our company is done with the use of two or three blade cutters with appropriately selected geometry and the structure of the chip channel and blade angle. The process of formation, shaping and removal of chips must be carefully inspected. This is the only way to avoid scratching the surface and the formation of unsightly growths.

The most important principles of aluminum milling

The process of aluminum alloys turning must be performed at the right temperature, preferably with the use of specialized cooling systems. In finishing milling, we use high rotational speeds and lower feed rates.



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